Registry of BC Forest Professionals

Disclaimer and Terms of Use

The Forest Professionals British Columbia (FPBC) online register of forest professionals is public, as required by Section 31(3) of the Professional Governance Act and FPBC Bylaw 13-2

Registrant information pages contain verified and self-reported information, as set out below.

A glossary explains the registry terminology and language.

Information self-reported by registrants is not verified by FPBC. Registrants must provide self-reported information each year.

Registrants must also inform the registrar of any related change in name, according to FPBC Bylaw 13-2(3).

Registrants remain on the registry for 10 years after their registration ends. Former registrants with a discipline history remain on the registry for the life of the individual.

Information self-reported by registrants and not verified by FPBC:

  • self-declared area(s) of practice;
  • employer.

Registrants Directory Terms

Any use of information in the registry requires written consent from FPBC. Unauthorized use may be subject to action by FPBC.

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